Gift Card Program

Gift Cards Keep Money in Your Store
  • Gift Cards can be used as a store credit and refund alternative
  • Minimizes losses associated with paper-based gift certificates
  • Reduces Fraud! Cards are only valid when activated through your terminal or through customer support
  • You Benefit from "float" where you can invest pre-paid dollars into your business

  • More Benefits
  • Easy for your employees to use
  • Easily accessible daily and monthly internet reporting.

  • Build Brand Awareness and Customer Loyalty
  • Gift Cards undoubtedly bring in new customers and store traffic
  • Gift Cards provide increased revenue and incremental sales
  • Build your Brand - the customer is reminded of your store every time they open their wallet and see your card
  • Your Store becomes a Destination
  • Customers like plastic; switching from a paper-based to a card-based gift program results in higher customer participation
  • Cards can be reloaded, creating a loyal customer and ensuring repeat business

  • Gift Cards preferred over cash by Gift Givers

    A majority of American consumers would prefer to give an electronic gift or spending card over cash or a paper gift certificate, according to the fourth annual Consumer Insights Survey*.  52% of those surveyed said they would prefer to give a gift card over cash (38%) or gift certificates (11%).

    27% percent of those who received a gift card in the previous 12 months said they spent the initial value of their card within one week of receiving the card.  Another 31%t spent the value within one month.  And, more than half (55%) of those surveyed said they spent more than the initial value of the card they received. 

    As evidenced by the preference given to gift cards over cash and paper certificates, as well as their benefits, electronic gift cards have evolved to become a desired product by purchasers and receivers alike.  66% of gift card purchasers said that they give gift cards as a primary gift while 28% said they package gift cards with another gift.

    Gift Cards help increase revenue at your store!

    Gift Cards increase revenue and generate 2 to 10 times more sales than paper certificate programs.

    Purchases made with a gift card are 20-50% higher than the average ticket.