First Source Equipment

First Source is a complete "one stop shop" for all your payment processing needs.

Credit Card Processing

Whether you need a terminal, pos software, virtual terminal, mobile terminal or cell phone technology to process your credit cards we have it all available to you here at First Source.  First Source offers a variety of POS equipment depending on your needs.  Some of the most popular models we offer are listed below.


Built-in Internal Pin Pad
Quiet, graphical thermal printer
Bi-directional, dual track magnetic card reader
Rechargeable Batteries
Easy-load paper mechanism
Includes power-on/power-low indicators
HW/SW support for GSM, GPRS, Mobiltex, CDPC, Dat
LCD Display, graphical, large and back-lit
Built-in Radio Modem


NURIT 8320

Back-lit 32-character LCD display
Highly reliable 32-key ergonomically designed keypad
Full alphanumeric entry capability
Dual track 1 and 2 card reader
User-friendly menu-driven system
Easily accessible rear peripheral ports processing
Powerful 32-bit Motorola microprocessor


WAY Systems MTT 1570 Credit and Debit

Works virtually anywhere
Best mobile coverage available (GPRS)
Supports Credit and Debit in one terminal
Integrated PED certified pinpad
Supports all major processors
Customer support included (Helpdesk 24/7)
Easy to use retail mobile credit application
Optionally supports tip (retail), toll, invoice #, cash received, CID (as supported by your processor)


Supports Credit, Built in Pin Pad, Debit,  EBT, and Smart Card
Triple-track card reader supports all magnetic-striped cards, including new driver's license
Supports all Verifone Pinpads, check readers and smart card readers/writers for flexibility
Integrated Thermal Printer with Graphics Capabilities
32 bit Micro-processor with 4Mbytes of memory
Print Speed of 12.5 Lines per Second
"Sure Load" Paper feeder
Remote Diagnostic Capable