Retriever Check - Accept Checks, Risk Free

The retriever Electronic Check Conversion (ECC) program transforms check acceptance into a risk-free electronic payment using the latest technology in the check processing industry.

Our ECC program is a revolutionary approach to check acceptance that will satisfy the check-writing customer and give merchants the convenience and security or an electronic payment.

Retriever's total integrated payment system allows the merchant to process all forms of electronic payment including checks, all major credit cards, debit cards, purchasing cards, and gift/loyalty cards.

Retriever's ECC program uses the information on the customer's check to create an electronic payment right at the register. Specifically:
  • The check is scanned
  • The transaction is verified and authorized
  • During settlement the funds are electronically deposited into the merchant's account
  • Assured funds are delivered to the merchant within 48 hours
  • The funds are guaranteed

  • The Process is Simple -  It' just like a credit card transaction...
    1. Merchants increase their sales by accepting personal checks, including out of state checks.
    2. Retriever Check eliminates bad checks.
    3. Faster availability of funds to the merchant.
    4. Eliminates returned check fees and item fees charged by the local bank.
    5. Eliminates the sorting and depositing of paper checks.
    6. Merchants do not need to fill out paper claims for bad checks. It's all automatic and risk free with Retriever Check.
    7. Detailed, online reporting to the merchant 24/7 at no additional charge.